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Different Accessories for Pride Mobility Scooters

Pride Mobility provides a variety of accessories to aid you in your everyday tasks. Whether you are in need of accessories to add to your safety while using your scooter, or you just want something that adds a little more storage, we have you covered.

Safety Accessories

pride mobility scooter accessories

Rearview Mirror

The rearview Mirror can be easily attached without any tools to any Pride Mobility Scooter equipped with a delta tiller. This rearview mirror allows any user to easily see behind them with little effort and no discomfort. This accessory can be critical in maintaining your safety while using one of Pride Mobility Scooters.

pride mobility scooter accessoriesLap Belt

Pride Mobility recognizes that you may encounter all different types of terrain while using your scooter. The lap belt comes in two options: a metal seat belt style with push tab release or a hook-and-loop fastener. Regardless of the activities you do, you can rest assured that the lap belt will be there to ensure you remain safely in your scooter.

pride mobility scooter accessoriesSafety Flag

>The Pride Mobility safety flag is the last thing you need to make sure you get around safely. The safety flag makes it so that everyone can see you, from other pedestrians to motorists. The safety flag can prove imperative in environments like parking lots, where you might not be easily visible to drivers.

Lifestyle Accessories

pride mobility scooter accessoriesUnder Seat Storage

The Pride Mobility under-seat storage compartment provides storage that is sleek, hidden, and private. It adds additional storage without adding bulk to your scooter. Each bin has the capacity to hold up to 5 lbs. The under-seat storage keeps your most important items, like your phone, wallet, or keys, readily available and easily reachable.

pride mobility scooter accessoriesFront Basket

The front basket offers convenience and increased storage capacity. With its front placement, you will have easy access to your larger items. Its capacity can also make trips to the grocery store more convenient.

pride mobility scooter accessoriesCell Phone Holder

The RAM X-Grip cell phone holder will keep your phone safe and handy. It attaches to your scooter with ease and is compatible with most cell phones. To view minimum and maximum widths and heights, please view our website.

pride mobility scooter accessoriesCup Holder

Make hydration a priority by always having your drink within arm’s reach. This handy cup holder attaches to the side of your pride mobility scooter to give you a place to keep your drink while using your scooter.

pride mobility scooter accessoriesXLR USB Charger

The Pride Mobility USB charger plugs right into your chair so that you can charge your devices while on the go. The USB charger also detects when your device has completed charging, so it won’t pull energy from your scooter battery any more than is necessary.

pride mobility scooter accessoriesRear Basket

Our rear basket has plenty of storage space for larger items. This basket is designed perfectly for your Pride Mobility scooter so that you can keep your hands free to focus on driving.


pride mobility scooter accessoriesThe Pride Mobility saddlebag slides onto your scooter armrest and can be used on either the right or left side. The saddlebag provides versatile, secure storage with durable neoprene material and a zipper to secure your items. This bag is offered in a small or large size for your convenience.

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Equipment Accessories

pride mobility scooter accessoriesCane Clip Attachment

The can clip attaches to your armrest for maximum accessibility to your cane. This allows you to drive with both hands available while keeping your cane close by when you need it.

Single/Double Cane Crutch Holder

pride mobility scooter accessoriesThis crutch holder allows you to keep your crutches or canes handy right behind your scooter seat. This versatile attachment allows you to carry what you need, whether it be a cane and a crutch or a pair of crutches, in a safe and upright position.

Wishbone Crutch Holder

pride mobility scooter accessoriesThe wishbone crutch holder offers more security when it comes to holding your crutch. This holder has a 5-pound capacity and an adjustable hook so that you can adjust it to whatever height is most accessible for you.

Cane Crutch Holder

The cane and crutch holder allows you to carry both your cane and your crutch securely behind your seat. With grips at the top and securing bar on the bottom, you will have no reason to worry about your mobility aids falling out of reach.

Forearm Crutch Holder

pride mobility scooter accessoriesThis holder keeps your forearm crutches within your reach in order to assist you at any moment. The crutch holder also secures your crutches with grips at the top and a holder at the bottom for extra security.

Walker Holder

pride mobility scooter accessoriesThis unique attachment allows you to mount your full-sized walker onto the back of your pride mobility scooter. This attachment can hold both a standard or rolling walker and has a 15-pound weight capacity. For this attachment, you will also need to buy and install the universal accessory bar.

Oxygen Tank Holder

pride mobility scooter accessoriesWith the Pride Mobility oxygen tank holder, getting around with your oxygen tank will be much more convenient. With this attachment, you can easily have portable oxygen on your scooter. With adjustable knobs, you can be sure that your oxygen will be safe and secure.

Cosmetic Accessories

Weather Cover

pride mobility scooter accessoriesThe Pride Mobility weather cover is essential in keeping your scooter protected from the elements. This cover comes in one convenient piece, which means that you won’t have to fumble around with multiple covers just to keep your scooter safe. Your pride mobility scooter is an investment in your comfort, so make sure to protect it with this cover that comes in varying sizes to fit your needs.

pride mobility scooter accessoriesMilitary Patches

Show your loyalty with our variety of military patches. The patches Pride Mobility offers includes the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard. We even offer a patch for recipients of the Purple Heart. These patches are great for anyone who wants to display their loyalty or they can even be a great gift idea for your loved one.

Whichever accessory(s) you choose to purchase, they are sure to making getting around safer and more convenient. Visit our website to browse our inventory of scooters, scooter lifts, and Pride Mobility scooter accessories.

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