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battery backup for lift chair

Lift Chair Back-Up Battery Installation Guide

Most of the lift chairs we sell at Certified Medical run off of power from a standard electrical outlet. However, a situation may arise, such as a power outage, that could prevent your lift chair from operating when you need it to. In the event that you or your loved one are not able to get out of the chair on their own, it’s helpful to have a battery backup installed on your chair.

Why Your Lift Chair Needs a Back-Up Battery

It’s highly recommended that you have a lift chair with a battery backup installed in case of an emergency. There are many occasions where a power failure could happen: a thunderstorm, winter storm, or even your local power company working on the lines. There are other non-weather-related reasons as well. For example, the wiring for your plug could get damaged or be pulled from the wall by a pet or grandchild without you knowing. Keeping backup batteries installed means you’ll always be able to use your chair, even in an emergency..

battery backup for lift chair
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How to Install a Battery Back-Up for a Lift Chair

For optimal access to your chair, you want to make sure to place the chair at least 30 inches away from a wall or any obstruction while in the seated position. After you are sure you have access to the back of your chair, make sure that you have two 9V batteries on hand.

Before working on your lift chair, you need to unplug it from the outlet. Next, locate your chair’s external transformer, which should be situated partway down the power lead. There is a door on the transformer that is marked for batteries. Open the door using your fingers or a screwdriver, place the two 9V batteries onto the battery leads, and close the battery door.

Maintaining Your Lift Chair’s Backup Batteries

Now that your backup batteries have been installed properly, let’s go over proper battery care and maintenance. It is recommended that you have fresh batteries installed at all times. Since the backup battery system does not recharge itself, it is ideal to replace the batteries each time the backup system is used during a power outage.

If your backup batteries have not been used during an outage or otherwise, they will need to be replaced at least once every year. If the chair is being unplugged for any extended amount of time over an hour, the batteries will need to be removed as the chair will draw power from them even when not in use.

As always, Certified Medical is devoted to providing excellent service for all of your mobility devices. If you come across any problems or have difficulty with your chair, contact our service department for help. If you’re in need of a new lift chair, scooter, or another type of mobility equipment, feel free to browse our online inventory or visit one of Certified Medical’s two Florida locations.

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