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activities in the villages florida

Scooter-Friendly Activities in The Villages

Close to an hour’s drive outside of the hustle and bustle of Orlando lies a small town called The Villages. The Villages is rapidly expanding, despite the fact that for the majority of its history, it has been thought of as a sleepy little town. It’s known to be a tight-knit community where many of its residents get around town via golf carts, making it one of the most scooter-friendly towns around. Stick around to find out some of the scooter-friendly activities for seniors to do in The Villages.

Shopping in The Villages

activities in the villages floridaThe Villages offer a wide variety of easily accessible shopping options. Down at the Spanish Springs Town Square, you’ll find quaint streets with a southwestern feel. If you’re looking for a more tropical, Key-West-inspired shopping experience, head on over to Lake Sumter Landing Market Square, which perfectly captures the vibe of Florida.

If those aren’t enough options for you, take yourself over to Brownwood Paddock Square. Here, you can experience the reminiscent style of a cattle ranch town, very much based on what much of Florida looked like before development took place. All of these centers offer nightly entertainment, often free to the public, along with ground-level entrances to many of their stores.

Theaters in The Villages

The Villages hosts live theater performances as well as movies. The Old Mill Playhouse in The Villages offers the opportunity to catch the newest movies. They have a sizable selection of the newest, and hottest movies available throughout the day, making it hard to decide what you want to see next! For live theater, you’ll want to head over to Sharon L. Morse Performing Arts Center. Here, you can enjoy cabaret shows, live orchestras, comedies, and more. You may even want to try your hand at being a part of the productions!

Free Nightly Entertainment at The Villages

As previously mentioned, all three town squares within the villages have nightly entertainment 5 pm-9 pm, which is free to residents and visitors alike. From here you can catch a variety of musical performances, like jazz, swing, country, Motown, blues, and even some of today’s hits. You’ll also have your choice of bar stands where you can order your favorite cocktails with your friends. All of the town squares feature wide, paved paths that make it easy for everyone to get around.

activities in the villages florida

Annual Events in The Villages

Depending on the time of year, The Villages hosts numerous seasonal events along with everything else they have going on. Florida, being known for its pleasurable weather all year round, is the perfect place to enjoy Christmas tree lightings, weekly farmers markets, the Strawberry Festival, and other various holiday-themed events.

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Social Clubs in The Villages

The Villages bolsters more than 3,000 resident-led social clubs so that there is truly something for everyone. If being indoors is where you thrive most, have no fear. Choose from pottery, sewing, art, music, billiards, board games, and just about any indoor activity you can think of. If you love being outdoors, you will find a wide range of possibilities like swimming classes, water sports, fishing, RC car tracks, and a variety of land-based sports clubs, amongst many other active clubs.

Recreational Events in The Villages

If all that is still not enough options to keep you busy, look no further than the recreational events that The Villages hosts. The Villages Senior Games is an annual week-long event for 30 athletic sports including archery, volleyball, corn hole, clay shooting, and more. Keep in mind that some of these sports may require standing without your scooter. However, you are more than welcome to enjoy spectating any of the competitive events.

The various town squares also host a variety of recreational activities such as Zumba, cardio drumming, and yoga, which may also require stepping out of your scooter. We encourage you to call the main office if you have any inquiries about particular events. Finally, The Villages have some truly special, memory-making events throughout the year, like movies out on the lawn, music festivals, and more. At The Villages, there’s no shortage of activities to help you create friendships or enjoy time with your family.

Trails and Parks in The Villages

activities in the villages floridaAfter all those activities, you may feel the need to slow down and commune with nature. All throughout The Villages are a series of trails and paths perfectly designed for you to explore the community. As indicated on their map, most of these trails are paved, which makes this a perfect way to travel with your scooter. You will also have the opportunity to explore nature in nearby parks and lakes. Lake Miona, a nearby lake, and park, offers a boat ramp, a small sandy beach area, a playground for kids, and a paved and covered area with picnic tables. Prepare a picnic with a loved one to enjoy the beautiful Florida views over the water. Plus, parking areas and sidewalks are also paved to make getting around on a scooter convenient.

As anyone can see, The Villages has a lot to offer scooter users. It is perhaps one of the most scooter-accessible towns in the country. From outdoor activities to sports, to live music and social clubs, there is no shortage of scooter-friendly experiences to have in The Villages. For any of your scooter needs, and more, be sure to visit our website, or feel free to stop by our two locations in Ocala and The Villages.

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