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Certified Medical $499 Lift Chair
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Certified Medical $499 Lift Chair


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One of our best sellers, this 3-Position lift chair delivers superb value and excellent comfort.  It features a 20″ wide and 19″ deep seat and is available for you to try out in our showroom.  It also has a full chaise pad for comfort when reclined and an easy to use two button hand control.

What Makes The Certified Medical $499 Lift Chair Different?

This affordable lift chair provides ease of operation for almost anyone, including people up to 6′ tall.  The measurement, from top of back to the seat, is a substantial 27.5 inches. This lift chair combines superb value with an artful presence. With it’s quiet and smooth operation it will provide hours of comfort and the dual side pockets will conveniently store those items you want close at hand.

Why We Like The Certified Medical $499 Lift Chair

This plush and welcoming chair provides not only a contemporary appeal but is finely crafted with durable and long-lasting components. The back is removable with no tools required.

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Microsuede Cocoa,Microsuede Sand,Microsuede Sky

Weight Capacity

325 lbs


1 Year Limited