Rascal Freedom Travel PWC
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Rascal Freedom Travel PWC


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Drive Wheels:
8 in. (20.32 cm), solid
Front Caster Wheels:
5 in. (12.7 cm), solid
Rear Anti-tip Wheels:
3 in. (7.62 cm), solid
Maximum Speed:1
Up to 3.5 mph (5.65 km/h)
Range per charge:
(Theoretical value based on Test Standards)1,2
Up to 6 miles (9.65 km)
Range per charge:
(Value based on Straight-line Test Simulation)1,3
Up to 8 miles (12.87 km)
“Intelligent Braking” electronic regenerative, disc park brake
Ground Clearance:4
See figure 26.
Turning Radius:4
See figure 26.
Overall Size:4
Length: See figure 26. Width: See figure 26.
Twomotor, rear-wheeldrive
Two 12-volt, 12 Ah, deep-cycle
Battery Charger:
2-amp, off-board
Weight Capacity:
250 lbs. (113 kg)
Component Weights:
Front Base: 22.5 lbs. (10.21 kg)
Rear Base: 34.5 lbs. (16.65 kg)
Seat: 25 lbs. (11.34 kg)
Batteries: 20 lbs. (9 kg) total weight of battery pack


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