S54LXLIT GoGo Endurance Li


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Number of Tires 4
Front Tires2 2″ x 8″ solid
Rear Tires2 2.5″ x 8″ solid
Maximum Speed6 Up to 4.2 mph
Ground Clearance2 1.5″ at motor, 3.25″ to side deck, 1.10″ to anti-tip
Turning Radius2 48.25″
Length2 42″
Width2 20.5″
Seat-to-Ground Height Range2 21.25″-22.75″
Seat-to-Deck Height Range2 16.25″-17.75″
Standard Seat Type Compact, Foldable
Material: Black Vinyl
Seat Size: 17″ W x 17″ D or 20″ W x 18 D
Seat Weight: 23 lbs. (17″W); 27.25 lbs. (20″ W)
Weight without Batteries4 93.5 lbs. w/o batteries; 101.5 lbs. w/ 8Ah*; 105.5 lbs. w/ 16Ah MAXX**
Weight of Heaviest Piece 40.75 lbs. (front section)
Battery Weight5 8 lbs. (8Ah*); 12 lbs. (16Ah MAXX*)
Battery Requirement 8Ah* Lithium (pack) ; 16Ah MAXX* Lithium (pack)
Per Charge Range (max)6,7 Up to 7.2 miles (8Ah*); Up to 14.4 miles (16Ah MAXX*)
Battery Charger 3.5A , off-board lithium charger
Suspension CTS Front and Rear Suspension
Maximum Weight Capacity 325 lbs.
HCPCS Code K0899
Warranty Lifetime limited on frame;
2-year limited on electronics;
2-year limited on drivetrain;
2-year limited on batteries


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